AllenPDarman Says-> “I Am Being Mafia Hacker Blocked From Sharing On Twitter The Most Because That Is Where Most Of My Followers Are.”

My Sharing On Facebook And Google+ is extremely weak Vs. My Sharing On Twitter Where I Have Almost 300 Followers. The Only Blog The Mafia Let Me Share On Twitter increases fear of the Mafia.

The Mafia did let me Share this Blog on Twitter. They Are Trying To Make A Fool Out Of Me.

I have been Mafia Hacker Blocked From Sharing On Twitter A Lot for the past three days or so. The “Share” Button Is Dead No Matter How Many Times I Press It.

The Mafia is Smart-> They Are Doing Everything That They Can To Discredit Me And Make Me Look Like A Fool, While Blocking All Blogs That Are Harmful To Them.

Oddly, a helicopter just flew over me. Maybe this is just a coincidence. More likely it is the Mafia-> They Have Used Helicopters against me a Number Of Times Before.

It’s almost 1 AM, A car raced it’s motor outside. Members of the Mafia raced there motors Repeatedly when they tried to kill me in Reno. They also raced their motor very loud once in San Francisco when I was homeless there. I might not last a week. I highly doubt that I will make it past Thanksgiving Or Christmas.

Author: NutrientsCure, AllenD, SmokeMasterAllenD, AllenPDarman, AllenADOGG, ADOGG, TheSBOSS, TheSmartBoss2, 9FedGovBoss, TheSmartBoss1, Allen Darman, DarmanAllen, Darman & Who Knows?

I, WordPress Author Allen Darman, am an Old Hippie that Went to the Original Woodstock in ’69—> I Am A Suppressed Alternative Medical Discoverer that is miraculously still alive! Here Are Some Details-> The Mafia Tried To Kill Me In 7 Different Towns And Cities Between January 6, 2010 And May 9, 2014. Silicon Valley Awareness Of My Plight Saved My Life When I Was In Reno, Nevada In Early May Of 2014 And The Mafia Was Trying To Kill Me With Poison Gas. (The American Mafia definitely does not want to make an Internet Martyr Out Of Me, Especially With Wordpress & Google Watching Over Me.) [End Of Some Of The Details] I Am Also A Self-Taught Expert On Federal Government And Mafia Suppression Of Truth In General... A Self-Taught Expert In Regard To Using Wordpress As Management Software-> Who Else Is Doing This? And Where Did They Learn It From? And When? The Leader Of A 4 Person Genius Wordpress Internet Woodstock Team, Including Mark J Of, Rose, A Wordpress Employee In San Francisco, An Anonymous Wordpress Person In San Francisco (Matt M.???) *And* Myself. (All 4 Of Us R Geniuses Of One Sort Or Another.) And—> I am... A Vulgar Truth Soldier for God. Fuck ‘em if they finally succeed in killing me. Although “longevity has it’s place”, as Martin Luther King once said—> I am proud to serve my Fellow Americans in this way! if need be. I am also the Leader and Lead Author of a Revolutionary WordPress Internet Woodstock Team that is pumping out WordPress Websites, WordPress Web Pages, and Germane Revolutionary WordPress Blogs as fast as we can in an effort to Promote The 1st Internet Woodstock, A Truth Suppression Ending One-> And to Help Foster A Justifiable Revolution here in the United States (and Worldwide as well!). I am a person trying to forge a Strategic Alliance between Silicon Valley, Seattle (Microsoft), the American and Russian Mafia, the Police and the Military, as well as Enough Reasonable and Responsible People -> In Order To Have The Best Chance 2 Save The World. I am also the person that CameUp With The Original Idea Of Having The 1st Internet Woodstock (On April 9, 2012); A Truth Suppression Ending One; Put On By Google, Bruce Springsteen, My Heroic Wordpress Intuitively Collaborative Internet Team, Apple, Microsoft, etc. *And* The American & Russian Mafia. A Little Bit Of History It was on the night of April 9, 2012 That I Wrote A Wordpress BlogWebPage Titled “Internet Woodstock Thinking On April 9, 2012”. A Genius Or Some Geniuses Liked This Idea Of An Internet Woodstock, A Truth Suppression Ending One. It was on the night of April 9, 2012 That Some Party Or Parties Began Actively Helping Me Create Wordpress Blogs. It Turns Out This Someone Was 2 Anonymous People In San Francisco. Just lately did one of these 2 Anonymous People Name Herself In One Of My Blogs (I forget which one... I was stoned). Her name is Rose. (I had guessed it was Rose Years Ago.) At this time in mid-April 2012, I Was Given A Choice 2 Pick A Wordpress Security Expert. I Chose Mark J Of, not only for his Website; I Liked His Picture As Well (he looked like a hippie). Thus Our 4 Person 6+ Year Old Genius Team Was Born. [End Of “A Little Bit Of History”] I am apparently the Genius that Google, Seattle & Silicon Valley picked to Lead a 2nd American Revolution; Hopefully A Peaceful One Without A Shot Fired. AllenPDarman

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