Do U Want 2 Guess What the “S” in “theSBoss” Stands For?

Do U Want 2 Guess What the “S” in “theSBoss” Stands For?

Rather Than Continue Blogging On The News WordPress Website of, Allen D Has Begun A New WordPress Management Website Named

Do U Want 2 Guess What the “S” in “theSBoss” Stands For?

It Stands for “a Strong And Smart Man of God” if I am Alive to See My 62nd Birthday on September 17th, 2014–> and It Stands for “a Strong But Stupid Man of God” if I am NOT Alive then… lol

This blog is under construction.

Important Notes:
1) The 2 WordPress Management Blogs listed below will be copied on to this new WordPress Management Website of from
2) I expect that MOST OR ALL OF MY FUTURE WEBSITES UNTIL A JOINT VENTURE INTERNET Woodstock OCCURS this summer sometime WILL ReBlog To ““.
3) As I complete each WordPress Management Website that I create until an Internet Woodstock happens this July or August 2014–> Unless my Team is later notified otherwise by me, I hereby relinquish any and all Copyrights And Other Rights to the material I blog/write to my heroic WordPress *Intuitive Collaborative* Website Development Team* for them to edit, change and/or use as they see fit.
4) As a self-employed and self-appointed freelance Management Consultant for both the Mafia and Silicon Valley, because I, Allen D, See a Sore Need for such, it is my firm opinion that my daily consulting fee for a typical 16+ hour blogging/Work day be split equally between the iROCK4iFREEDOM2014 Silicon Valley partnership and the Mafia. This translates to $500. a day apiece.

5) I am willing to Act As A Freelance Consultant for absolutely nothing fiscal compensation-wise.

Paying me for my thoughts and written WordPress and Dot Com work “Shows Respect”.

It is Respect that I am seeking more than the money I would gain from being paid a Consulting Fee by either Silicon Valley or the American (an/or Russian) Mafia.

6) My goal in working 12 hours a day for the next few months trying to make a Federal Government Truth Suppression Revealing Internet Woodstock happen, and then Replace Our Federal Government with (a) Silicon Valley Brains and Software Capability, (b) Mafia Power and “Smarts”, © the Support of the exploding Patriot Movement and (d) Common Sense, is to generate a pretax income of $500 to $1,000 a day, depending on “single or double participation of the two parties that I hope to Consult With and For. I ask no more than this, either now or in the future. I am not seeking for myself here–> I am simply sick and tired of not having any working capital to operate with but my own SSD check.

In essence, I am trying to Facilitate and Broker the Biggest Fiscal/Power Deal in Human History–> a Respectful Collaboration between Silicon Valley and the American Mafia to take over the Reins of Governance in America in a manner that applies to other countries too, and I am asking for far less than peanuts to do so.

Allen D

Two Blogs to be brought into this WordPress Website from Another:

1) Allen D Considers Himself A Freelance Professional Consultant

2) Suggestions For My Heroic WordPress Team And/Or Silicon Valley In The Event Of My Disappearance From Internet Participation For Sorely Needed Social Change (5-15-14)

p.s. To my Team–> Remember My Promise–> “If I Make A Dollar, U Make A Dollar 2”–> This translates into $250 each a day out of the $1,000 per day we take in in revenue. We do an Equal Split of this Revenue 4 Ways.

I am a WordPress blogging tornado now.

I am a Real Threat—>

To our Federal Government remaining in Power.

That’s No Shit.

ADOGG aka Allen Darman, NutrientsCure, Allen D, theSBOSS and SmokemasterAllenD

A Suppressed Alternative Medical Discoverer and–>

A Google Vice President 4 Both–>
Google’s Internet Woodstock and Internet Freedom Operations->

As well as a Oft Unpaid Freelance Consultant 2 Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, AOL, Yahoo, Apple, Inc., WordPress,  and *Others* In Numerous Internet/Revolution Arenas, and the CEO of Allens420Angels, Inc. (my heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team‘s own endeavor!).

Primary Websites:

A Related Video–>

A YouTube Video That Allen Darman Made On Google’s *Hangouts On Air* Regarding The Big Picture As He Sees It.



Do U Want 2 Guess What the “S” in “SBoss” Stands For?

A Complex War In America Is Coming To A Head; The Future Of The World Is At Stake

Go To–>

A Complex War In America Is Coming To A Head; The Future Of The World Is At Stake (3-2-2014)

A Complex War In America Is Coming To A Head; The Future Of The World Is At Stake

Incidentally, the U.S. Government May Interfere with the Above Listed Blog Link of > My **Key Blog Abbreviated Links** have often been interfered with by the FEDS, NSA?, etc. before. Allen D


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