Allen Darman Says-> WOW!!! I Just Googled-> allen darman wordpress 69 patriot movement! What A Great Result My Heroic WordPress Intuitive Collaborative Genius Team Got!!, Namely…

FromTheDeskOf-> *****Either***** Allen Darman Says (Opinion) ***Or*** Allen Darman Orders (ORDERS) ***Or*** Allen Darman 420Says ***Or*** Allen 420ORDERS… i play all sides of the fence… lol (9-6-2018 @00:21 AM PT)

THIS IS A KEY/WordPress/BLOG (And Soon After A *****KEY/WordPress/Web/Page***** Will Come Out Of This). Truthfully, APD, ADOGG, SmokeMasterAllenD, TheSBOSS, AllenD, NutrientsCure, etc. (9-6-2018 @00:31 AM PT)

*From The Desk Of Allen Darman*-> An Internet *Revolutionary Author*, A Suppressed Alternative Medical Discoverer, ***AND*** The Idea Man Behind The 1st Truth Suppression Ending Internet Woodstock! iWoodstock2018 ***Or*** iROCK4Freedom ( or iROCK4Freedom2018, I think… BTW, “I’ve Been Thinking Things Out A Lot Lately” (Last Edited Thursday, September 6, 2018 @1:07AM PT)

The Above WordPress Blog Titled “Allen Darman’s **WordPress Internet MGMT** ***iSlices*** 4> (9-5-2018 @05:42 PM PT; Last Edited @11:21 PM PT)

Using WordPress As An Internet MGMT Platform (Wed, 11:44 PM PT)

Allen Darman’s **WordPress Internet MGMT** ***iSlices*** 4> (9-5-2018 @05:42 PM PT; Last Edited @11:21 PM PT)Fr

Allen Darman’s **WordPress Internet MGMT** ***iSlices*** 4> (9-5-2018 @05:42 PM PT; Last Edited @11:21 PM PT)

S.U.C.> The Above **WordPress Internet MGMT** *Blog/Title* Is **A Standardized One Format-wise** from here on out.

Incidentally, my Father Arthur Darman’s Full Name Was Arthur Patrick Darman. Not Only Did My Father Art *And* I Share The Same Middle Name, But We Shared The Same Initials As Well-> APD. (9-5-2018 @5:55 PM PT)

Arthur *And* Author Sound Alike!!! lol

Arthur Patrick Darman vs. Author Patrick Darman.

Pretty Damn Close!

Truthfully, Author Allen Darman

(9-5-2018 @05:42 PM PT; Last Edited @11:25 PM PT)

AllenPDarman SEZ-> S.U.C.> AKA ***NutrientsCure*** (and ADD THE WORDS ***WordPress allen darman*** 4 A Total Of Five Primary Websites. These R, In An ***Organized Order Of ome That They ***July4th,Revolution***AllensAngels. WordOtheSBOSS.

AllenPDarman SEZ-> (Tuesday, September 4, 2018 @7:20AM PT) (*LastUpdated* On *Tuesday, September 4, 2018 @* **07:30 AM PM**)

S.U.C.>This Branding Was Soon REPLACED BY AllenPDarmanSays, AllenPDarmanORDERS, AllenPDarman420Says, AllenPDarman420ORDERS, TheSmartBoss1952, NutrientsCureDepression, etc.

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